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Mechanical Seal (PTFE Bellow)

These Seal Design Faces are molded with Glass Filled PTFE with Highly Flexible Mechanical Seal (PTFE Bellow). Simple checkout method function and cleaning possibility as this Mechanical Seal located easily accessible outside the pump.

Seal Type 71 Mechanical Seals are Specially Designed for using Extremely Corrosive Duties.
All Metal Components are including springs are Isolated from the Sealed, Aggressive Medium.

  • Features:
    • Mechanical Seal (PTFE Bellow)
    • Dual Directional Seal
    • Outside Mounted Seal
    • Hydraulically Balanced Mechanical Seal (PTFE Bellow)
    • Multi-Spring Design Seal
  • Materials
    • Seal Ring Faces : Cabon, SiC and TC
    • Seat Faces : Ceramic and SiC
    • Elastomer : PTFE and GFT
    • MOC : SS 316, Hast -C and Alloy 20
    • Bellow MOC : PTFE + GFT Composite
  • Operating Capabilities
    • Shaft Dia. : 16mm to 80 mm
    • Pressure : Up to 5 bar
    • Temperature : -30oC to 180oC
    • Speed: 3000 r.p.m.